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Belia was given a camera in 2011, was told she had a good photographic eye, went to lots of music gigs, took photos there, posted them on Facebook and people started hiring her. When strangers, acquaintances and friends started asking her to photograph their weddings, after seeing her band and festival photos, she decided to make a career of it. She specialises in events and interiors, being hired locally and nationally as well as internationally, with her passion remaining in anything music and people related.

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Belia Oh Photography focuses on niche events, interiors, property & content photography.


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I like to capture those unique moments representing South Africa’s distinct cultures and characters – highlighting both individuality and interconnectedness of our eclectic people and places.

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custom content photography

It can be hard to find suitable stock photos representing South African people, places and activities. I offer custom content photo shoots according to your brief.

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Still Here by Belia | Portraiture Campaign

Have you been through it? Really THROUGH it? Are you a survivor?


Be a part of 21 women who want to show the world that they are STILL HERE.




Why be a part of this stylish portrait shoot experience?

Having been through my own journey from which I am STILL HERE, I bring a gentle amount of empathy and compassion to my shoots, caring enough to show your story through your portraits. No matter where you are in your journey, picture yourself being enveloped in this transformative journey, revealing a new and inspiring view of yourself along the way.


I am in search of 21 incredible women for an empowering, fun, and transformational magazine-style photoshoot experience, between now and February 2025.


It will conclude with a special finale of a limited edition printed magazine AND gallery exhibition in Cape Town, with YOU showcased in both!


Apply now! Limited to 21 women!

Photoshoot location: Gordon’s Bay, surrounding area or Cape Town.