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A worthwhile event needs a good event photographer

The value of an event photographer

When organising an event, be it a music festival, business launch, conference or even an awards ceremony – capturing the moments as memories requires the perfect photos. Hello event photography! How many times have you tried to take photos with your phone camera only to discover when you scan through them later that you are stuck with unflattering, awkward pics? These can be fun for a laugh, sure, but will you show them to someone else, frame them or put them on social media or your business website? Probably not.

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Budgeting for an event photographer

When organising a business event, budgeting for an event photographer is not a luxury, it’s a valuable marketing tool. People are visual creatures, and this is why Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels are so popular. Business events serve as a platform to showcase your company. It could be anything from a year-end function to a small charity event. These events are all testimonies to what your company stands for, what you do and how you operate as a team. Your photos help promote your business while attracting and retaining clients. The more superior your photos, the more powerful your message.

See your event photographer as a business partner

Photographers have a distinct and unique way of looking at the world. This means that they can help you focus on elements of your brand you probably never thought of. Belia from Belia Oh Photography strives to build lasting relationships with her clients and understands that a good event photographer becomes acutely aware of the personality of each brand they work on, and aims to build on that. Her relationships with clients thrive because of her intuition and her respect for her client’s needs. This is why she gets booked over and over again by the same clients, and her referrals are strong and trustworthy.

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Belia as your event photographer

Belia is known in the industry as a professional photographer who is able to capture quintessential, unique moments by making her subjects comfortable and blending in to the background. The last thing you need when trying to capture the essence and vibe of an event is a photographer that disturbs your guests or patrons. If you read Belia’s POPI Act, you’ll see she also states that all supplied event photos are flattering and attractive and she can edit out small unwanted details like scuff marks and blemishes. Her photos are also known for being artistic and her work has been featured in a few prestigious magazines including Rolling Stone.

See Belia in action as an event photographer and contact her

See more of Belia’s event photography on her site and her Facebook and Instagram. You can also contact her directly to discuss your event and rates. She is flexible and happy to tailor rates to suit your needs.

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Real estate photography: yes, it’s important!

What is real estate photography?

Real estate photography, also known as ‘property photography’ is not only crucial when selling your property. It is also important when you advertise your guest house, hotel, Airbnb,, Knightsbridge etc. listing. A picture truly speaks a thousand words. Generally, people are visual individuals, and would much rather look at a range of photos than read a bunch of text. This is why Instagram and TikTok are so popular. You have one chance to lure readers to your listing in a competitive market, so it’s imperative that your photos are spot on.Read More